Email marketing is *not* dead.

But your content could maybe use a defibrillator right about now….

Real talk: your readers are tired of being sold to.


They’re actively seeking connection—real, honest connection—with the people and brands they admire.

(That’s you!)

But the email marketing methods we’ve been taught—by smarmy men and slick-suited Internet gurus, cough cough—aren’t about connection or inspiration.

You know this.

You’ve tried to bend their methods into something that feels true to you—something that  doesn’t feel manufactured or salesy or manipulative—wriggling your message into those “tried and true” structures like a too-tight pair of jeans.


If you want to inspire a cult following, you need to stop thinking about how to get your reader to do what you want—and start thinking about what you can GIVE them.

Give them wisdom. Give them inspiration. Give them a reason to laugh, to remember that they’re not alone.

Give them an enjoyable read.

That’s how you take your emails from “lost in the sea of 9,436 unread messages” to “devoured like a bag of mini peanut butter cups”.

Not only is Sam efficient, professional, and an amazing communicator, she was able to speak to our readers the same way I would, remaining sensitive to their distaste for being ‘sold to,’ checking her own cultural experience against that of my audience, and keeping them super engaged in every conversation. 

My team and I have access to all the big-name tools & templates, but Sam always reworked them to sound more human / less pushy. I love how this woman works and you’d be crazy not to hire her — like, yesterday.”

Zim Ugochukwu

Founder, Travel Noire

It’s hard to quantify the value of a writer who can take some very technical material, and consistently turn out accurate, engaging copy that not only converts to better sales, but also frees me up to do what I do best. Sam has been an important sounding board for the marketing and strategy decisions that have to be made on a daily basis, and her experience with email sequences and funnels is invaluable. 

It can be lonely and challenging sometimes as an entrepreneur trying to disrupt an embedded industry, and having Sam around makes it a heck of a lot more fun. I  feel incredibly grateful to have her as part of my core team.

Chuck Duff

Founder, Coaching The Body™

Hi, I’m Sam…

I create inspired email sequences for feminist business owners who want their marketing efforts to align with their beliefs & values—without sacrificing profitability.

That means moving away from tactics like false scarcity, shaming, and twisting those pain-point knives, and replacing them with shared values and mutual respect. 

It means using inclusive language, checking your privilege, and acknowledging your blind spots. (Don’t worry; I’ll help you.)  

It means telling stories that inspire your readers, without co-opting their experience to make a sale.

It means using your brilliance, your expertise, your creativity, and your sensitivity to build a fairer, more connected culture, all while helping your customers in real, meaningful ways.

“GODDAMN these emails are good.”

Stephanie Hayes

Business Strategist