Email marketing is NOT dead.

(But the stuffy, masculine sales strategies you’ve been using ARE.)

Gasp! How can a copywriter say such things?

1) Got your attention, didn’t I? 2) I don’t give a shit about your “best practices.”

After years spent studying the conventional Internet marketing wisdom (and being mightily put off by it, but too afraid to say so), I realized two things:

One: “Great copywriting” is just great writing. If you remember that there’s a human on the other side of the screen, and speak to them as such — boom. You’re already a better writer than [insert shiny-suited Internet guy here].

Two: Yes, we need things like conversion rates and click-throughs (and, you know, money). But we’ve gotten so hyped up on MARKETING to everyone all the time, our words have completely lost their value — and our Internet-savvy customers are starting to notice.

But wait… aren’t you using words to sell me your copywriting services right now? Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick?

Shhhh, I know — it’s all very meta.

Death to “Content Marketing”

I can craft a killer blog post, put together an editorial calendar, & build out an engagement sequence like, whoa. The secret is all about GIVING, not selling — that’s what makes people want to follow you.

Emails, Emails, and More Emails

In the ceaseless stream of “one-time offers” and Nigerian princes, it’s more important than ever to give your readers something genuinely valuable — without asking for something in return.

Elbow Deep in Customer Avatars

What does your customer dream about at night? How do you *truly* distinguish yourself from your competition? I’ve created a proprietary (and not at all stalker-ish) discovery process to find out.

Websites / Sales Letters

My last four About pages have brought my clients to tears. Now it’s my mission in life to give you #allthefeels — because if you feel that way about it, imagine what your customers will think!

Ghost Editing

In which I bring in fucking Casper to edit your book. (Just kidding.) This is a hybrid service I invented for authors, that falls somewhere between ghostwriting and line editing.

Product Descriptions

From zenned out bamboo fountains to a testosterone-boosting spice blend (HELL-o!), product descriptions are prime real estate for entertaining & inspiring the humans.

Zim Ugochukwu

Founder, Chief Brand Officer

When Sam & I started working together, 100% of my brand messaging was based on my own personal stories & experiences, and needed to be written in my voice — and I had a hard time keeping up with all my content needs. I have a large (and very engaged) audience who love to hear directly from me — and who don’t love to be sold to. Not only did Sam turn around staggering quantities of copy work in record time, she was able to speak to our audience the same way I would. And even though we have access to plenty of tools & templates to build out our launches, email sequences, and ad messaging, Sam always took those methods and made them sound less salesy; more human. I love how this woman works and you’d be crazy not to hire her — like, yesterday.