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How do you shine through the din of 24/7 marketing?

Hint: You stop marketing to people — and start TALKING to them.

Gasp! How can a copywriter say such things?

1) Got your attention, didn’t I? 2) I don’t give a shit about your “best practices.”

After years spent studying the conventional Internet marketing wisdom (and being mightily put off by it, but too afraid to say so), I realized two things:

One: “Great copywriting” is just great writing. If you remember that there’s a human on the other side of the screen, and speak to them as such — boom. You’re already a better writer than [insert shiny-suited Internet guy here].

Two: Yes, we need things like conversion rates and click-throughs (and, you know, money). But we’ve gotten so hyped up on MARKETING to everyone all the time, our words have completely lost their value — and our Internet-savvy customers are starting to notice.

But wait… aren’t you using words to sell me your copywriting services right now? Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick?

Shhhh, I know — it’s all very meta.

Death to “Content Marketing”

I can craft a killer blog post, put together an editorial calendar, & build out an engagement sequence like, whoa. The secret is all about GIVING, not selling — that’s what makes people want to follow you.

Emails, Emails, and More Emails

In the ceaseless stream of “one-time offers” and Nigerian princes, it’s more important than ever to give your readers something genuinely valuable — without asking for something in return.

Elbow Deep in Customer Avatars

What does your customer dream about at night? How do you *truly* distinguish yourself from your competition? I’ve created a proprietary (and not at all stalker-ish) discovery process to find out.

Websites / Sales Letters

My last four About pages have brought my clients to tears. Now it’s my mission in life to give you #allthefeels — because if you feel that way about it, imagine what your customers will think!

Ghost Editing

In which I bring in fucking Casper to edit your book. (Just kidding.) This is a hybrid service I invented for authors, that falls somewhere between ghostwriting and line editing.

Product Descriptions

From zenned out bamboo fountains to a testosterone-boosting spice blend (HELL-o!), product descriptions are prime real estate for entertaining & inspiring the humans.