Inspired emails for cult thought leaders

Take your list from burnt out to on fire.

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^^How most people respond to email marketing.

Stop thinking of your emails as a way to GET something. Click-throughs. Sales. Registrations for your goddamn webinar. (See also: Enough with the webinars.)

If you want to inspire a cult following, you have to GIVE them something. Wisdom. Inspiration. A sympathetic eye roll, or a wildly entertaining story that speaks universal truth.

This is what your readers want now. They’re tired of being sold to (and god bless ’em, cause I am SO OVER the “art” of selling). Copy that used to be edgy — that punchy, sassy syntax and vaguely shaming tone — is tired and windbaggy, like Don Draper mansplaining to Peggy Olson about how to sell pantyhose.

Speaking of mansplaining…

98% of the email sequences we use (PLFs, Autoresponder Madness, and the ominously named Machine) were invented by privileged white dudes who act like the psychographic profile is some revolutionary, game-changing approach to marketing.

Uh, dudes? Understanding what your reader cares about, and then writing to it — that’s called good writing.

And in the age of choked-out inboxes, fake news, and white guys in suits basically ruining everything — an insightful, enjoyable read (that doesn’t ask for anything in return) is the most valuable gift you can give your readers. Period.

The Story within Your Story

The “brand story” you’ve been telling people all this time is usually just surface stuff. It takes a sensitive writer-type (*raises hand) to peer underneath and tease out the REAL story — the one that punches your reader right in the heart. This is where we start.

Emails, Emails, and More Emails

Traditional marketing plans have crazy-demanding publishing schedules that often result in rushed, copycat writing. (I know, because I’ve done it, and I hated every second.) The Cult of Personality method switches up the intention — from getting results to giving readers what they really want.

Your Pet Peeves, My Gold Nuggets

Playing it safe is so 2015. In this day and age, consumers are getting more woke by the second, and they wanna know where you stand. Instead of trying not to offend anyone, tell us what you really think. And quit “topic-jumping.” Keep your cult engaged by organizing your messaging around common themes and the rabble-rousing point of view of your brand.

Zim Ugochukwu

Founder, Chief Brand Officer

When Sam & I started working together, 100% of my brand messaging was based on my own personal stories & experiences, and needed to be written in my voice — and I had a hard time keeping up with all my content needs. I have a large (and very engaged) audience who love to hear directly from me — and who don’t love to be sold to. Not only did Sam turn around staggering quantities of copy work in record time, she was able to speak to our audience the same way I would. And even though we have access to plenty of tools & templates to build out our launches, email sequences, and ad messaging, Sam always took those methods and made them sound less salesy; more human. I love how this woman works and you’d be crazy not to hire her — like, yesterday.