Frequently Asked Q’s

Everything you ever wanted to know about cults. I mean emails. I mean working with me. You know!

Do you only write emails / Do you ever write website copy?

I do take on a few select website projects each year. Click here to submit a custom inquiry.

What I don’t do are:

  • Sales pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Webinar scripts
  • VSLs
  • LinkedIn bios
  • Résumés (accents on both e’s cause I’m fancy like that)

I have referrals for all those assets though, so contact me anyway and I’ll hook you up.

Can you do blog posts instead of emails?

The Monster of the Week will yield four (4) long-form emails per month (or 2, if we decide that’s best). These pieces can also be published as blog posts—you just need to make a few tiny tweaks, and my process remains the same either way.

Sometimes I’ll include both formats, but it’s usually not necessary, especially if you have a team member in charge of staging and publishing. If you decide to do some repurposing, we’ll talk about the best way to handle it.

What about webinar emails, launch emails, and other types of emails?

Shhh! I do all that stuff too. Since 2015 I’ve worked on a long-term basis with brands who relied on email as their primary means of communication. So that means:

?Launch emails (all seven hundred and eleventy billion of them).
?Pre-webinar. Post-webinar. Re-engagement sequences.
?“Cold-calling” an influencer.
?Oh no, your credit card was declined!
?Oops, we fucked up!
?Affiliate program tutorials (along with the email templates they can use when they go a-ffiliating).
?Weekly roundups for subscription-based memberships.
?Promotions, either evergreen or spur-of-the-moment (Like that time the Cavs won the NBA Championship, and me & my coworker (both from The ‘Land) created a special, surprise discount just for our Cleveland members—because I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Cleveland rocks.)
?Rate increases, unexpected time off, big reveals, and other special announcements.

Anyway. You need emails? I write ALL THE EMAILS. Click here to submit an inquiry for custom work.

Can you rewrite my whole sales funnel?

Ah, it depends. Sometimes, if the emails we’re working on are part of a funnel, and the landing pages and whatnot need to be updated so your messaging is consistent throughout—then yes, it’s better to have me oversee the whole enchilada. (A lot of times, we can pull ad copy from the messaging in your emails, for example.)

If you need a new sales page though—or a brand-new strategy altogether—you need to talk to my friend Natalie.

I already have a customer avatar / brand attributes / extensive survey responses / etc. Can we skip the Kool Aid?
No. It’s standard for all new clients.
How is your process different from all the branding work I’ve already done?

Inevitably, I find my clients’ existing brand personas, customer avatar exercises, and whatever else is on hand to be insufficient for the kind of writing I do.

Sometimes, it’s just outdated. But more often, the information in these assets is too “surface.” Too expected, too uninspired, not different enough from everything else on the goddamn Internet.

What sets my work apart is not just that I explore your customers’ psychologies and personalities on a deeper level than most, or that I use that knowledge to understand your brand through that lens. (Which I do.)

It’s that I take that perspective and run it through a filter comprised of what everyone *else* in your industry is saying.

Because you have to stand out in order to capture your readers’ attention—but you can’t be SO different that they don’t know what you’re talking about.

In other words, there’s something you have, or do, or offer (or all of the above) that literally no one else in the Universe is doing or having or offering. But no matter how refreshing the message, your language needs to be grounded in a world your reader understands.

Most business owners are surprisingly unclear when it comes to what “that thing” is, and even less so when it comes to translating it into the right words.

So yeah. That’s how.

I follow Frank Kern / Dan Kennedy / Russel Brunson, and I usually try to what he suggests. I really like your style! But I still wanna do it their way, cause they’re the gurus. Can you squeeze yourself into their man-jeans for me?

I can! But… I won’t.

I developed the Cult of Personality™ Method after years of studying and experimenting with all the “tried and true” (read: male-dominated, tricksy, bro-culture, smarmy, not a woman in sight) Internet marketing tactics and copywriting “best practices.”

While some parts of my process grew out of those systems, others (especially my writing style) require a different structure.

The CoP Method is about creating genuine (and generous) content, with a focus on longer-form stories and meaningful emotional connections. If that sounds like something your readers would appreciate, let’s rock.

You seem feminist. Do you work with men at all?
1. Why thank you!

2. I’m committed to writing inclusive, socially with it copy for brands who care about people and the world. If you’re a dude who fits that profile, and you’re down with de-bro’ing your brand, I’m your woman.

3. If you’re anti-choice, or a climate change denier, or you think Brett Kavanaugh belongs on the Supreme Court… byeeeeeeeee!

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