Oh hi there! Looking for some of my previous work? Yeah… that makes sense.

Here’s the thing. I’m currently in the process of updating this page to reflect my email chops, and there are so many emails to choose from, and writing them is way more fun than organizing all the old ones, and sharing emails publicly is kinda weird anyway, because once i’m through with them they live in my clients’ email servers…also are you really going to sit here right now and read that shit?

Oh. You are. Okay, well, how ’bout this—from now until this site is updated (which should be sometime after the government shutdown is over, but before our dystopian future kicks in), I will share my previous work by request only.

If you know what you want (a Welcome Sequence, a pre- and post-webinar series, weekly engagement stories, etc.) that’ll help. In the meantime, enjoy some rare blank Internet space: