Best Self Co

Sales letter from scratch + discovery

View the sales letter in all its glory:


Best Self Co already has an amazing product — the Best Self Journal — that entrepreneurs and planner-lovers are obsessed with. They designed the Self Mastery Academy to provide a more in-depth look at productivity and success.

Whereas the journal is a physical tool, the Academy actually delves into the systems and habits that make (or break) a well-planned life & business. Because things like “productivity,” “success,” and “being your best self” are intangibles, their initial copy was having a hard time hitting home.

They needed a powerful angle that would punch their readers right where it hurt (A.K.A. your life is a hurricane and you never make progress on the things that really matter).


  • This was the first client I tried out my discovery process on, and because the subject matter was so hard to pin down, I ended up refining it a lot for future jobs.
  • I gave them a few different hooks to play with at the top, and they had two rounds of revisions to get this where they wanted it.
  • We turned this job around in less than 3 weeks.
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