Cakes by Gray

Full website copy, nav menu planning, lots of bios & blurbs for publication, full website build in Weebly

View the live website:

Melissa was my first full website build-out, back before I’d built out my standardized discovery process. For us, “discovery” consisted of drinking lots of wine together while she dished about her love of cake, art, and Madonna, and we swapped war stories about the service industry. (Hey, it worked at the time.)

Melissa and I are still working together on and off. Since we launched her site in March 2016, she’s grown it from an expensive hobby to a $80,000/year wedding cake business, with national press coverage (including the freaking Times, y’all!).


  • Conceived layout & nav menu
  • Wrote every stitch of copy (and then rewrote it when we transitioned into high-end weddings)
  • Organized her Facebook page so she’d stop receiving inquiries there
  • Optimized the site for local SEO
  • Built the entire site in Weebly
  • Directed her initial online marketing strategy
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