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In order of recency, I’ve shared 3 different styles of Facebook Ad copy here. The first is a long-form ad that looks like a regular post and works like gangbusters (for the right audience). Then I’ve shown you some before & after carousel ads, so you can see what Samification looks like. And last we have some screenshots of actual ads I collaborated on as part of two different sales funnels. Have fun.

This was part of a social media & email marketing campaign to build interest in our newest travel destination (spoiler alert: it was Marrakech).

We wanted to make it mysterious and get people to submit their guesses in the comments section. There are compatible posts for Instagram as well.

Where are we?

We’re lost in a surrealist landscape of twisted fig trees, ancient prickled cactus plants, and oversized lotus flowers. It’s not as hot here, thanks to the thick tunnels of vegetation and fresh running water.

Somewhere, music is playing. We can barely make it out over the rustling leaves and sqawking birds.

There’s always music on the air, here.

We turn down a narrow lane and come upon a brightly tiled walkway leading to an elaborately crafted fountain. The music sounds louder now, and we can smell cinnamon in the breeze.

A bright, balconied building comes into view, with delicate archways and deep, cool recesses carved into its facade.

Slowly, as if waking from a dream, we make our way toward the building, where we’ll eat, drink, laugh, and dance until the desert sand turns cool to the touch and the inky sky is punctuated with thousands of tiny starlights.

Our newest destination will be revealed in 24 hours.

Where are we?

Image courtesy of Travel Noire.

This was actually an edit of an original piece. We used elements of this theme and story across a few different assets, mainly email and social media.

The copy sent users to a webinar signup, where they entered a funnel designed to enroll them in a subscription program.

I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want — and I get paid to do it. And guess what? You could do that, too.

I know I’m not alone in this dream. But for most people, just dreaming is where it stops. It’s too big, to different, too full of unknowns — you get stuck in the wouldn’t-that- be-cool phase, and never move past it.

When I decided to move to India ten years ago, I was scared — I’d never even had Indian food before!

Oh, and did I mention I’m afraid of flying? Like, panic-attacks- in-the- airport-bathroom afraid.
If I had focused on my fear, or on the logistics of how this was all going to work, it would have paralyzed me. I never would’ve taken the leap of faith and boarded that plane to India.

But, I did it. And I learned my first (and most challenging) lesson about living and working abroad:
The people you love might not get it. They’ll think you’re crazy, depressed, or just “doin’ the most.” Some may even try to guilt you into staying.

But you know you weren’t meant to stay in one place forever. You can’t sit still, knowing there’s so much of the world you have yet to see. You feel called to travel, but you can’t quite figure out how to do it without blowing up your life.

That’s why I’m here — to give you the tools and knowledge you need to turn your “wouldn’t-that- be-cool?” idea into a reality.

In my free webinar, “How to Work Anywhere in the World,” I’m going to take you through all the ways you can
transition into remote work:

>>> Negotiating remote work with your boss
>>> Building a profitable side gig you can do from anywhere
>>> Surrounding yourself with the right people—  at home and abroad

I’ve got proven strategies and and done-for- you templates you can implement right away, to take you from Point A (office drone) to Point B (world traveler, earning money from anywhere).

It may seem daunting to take that first step. That’s why I made this webinar as no-brainer- y as I could.

1) It’s free.

2) You can choose from a variety of days and times, so you don’t have to rearrange your schedule. 3) I took out all the fluff — this isn’t about “finding your bliss” or the power of positive thinking. This is a real-deal strategy session, including time for Q&A.

Don’t spend any more time living a so-so life.

Register for the webinar here.

See you there!
Zim Ugochukwu
CEO, Travel Noire

Image courtesy of Travel Noire.

Factor75 FbCarouselAd

This copy is for the carousel ad format:

BEFORE: Get chef prepared organic meals starting at $11 delivered right to your door with Factor 75! Choose from options like Vegetarian, Paleo, and more.

AFTER: Work late. Stay fit. Be a good mom / friend / boss. And don’t forget to eat healthy! Let’s face it — the only way to have it all is if you don’t have to DO it all. Let Factor 75 handle the cooking.

BEFORE: Get chef prepared organic meals starting at $11 delivered right to your door with Factor 75! Choose from options like Vegetarian, Paleo, and more.

AFTER: Protein-packed, organic meals? As many as you need. Dishes to wash? Zero. Factor 75 just handled your lunch, son.


This copy is for the carousel ad format:

BEFORE: Stay fresh with exciting new meals delivered right to your door each week from Factor 75!

AFTER: Restricted diets don’t have to be about sacrifice. Get fresh, non-boring meals — delivered right to your door. Check out our seasonal menu!

BEFORE: Does your busy lifestyle make it impossible to cook healthy every morning, noon and night?

AFTER: Washing dishes is for suckers. Chef-prepared, 100% organic meals, delivered weekly to your door. No assembly (or cleanup) required. Now THAT’S smart.

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Go ‘head. Do the work you love…

AND make a killer living.

(We’ll be your dirty little secret.) You don’t have to choose between feeding your soul and feeding your wallet. The best work? Feeds BOTH.

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Your life’s work should feed your soul AND your wallet.

Get Paid Your Worth

You’re good at what you do. But when it comes to the money part? You’ve got issues. This free video training will help you pinpoint and overcome the 2 biggest roadblocks that are holding you back.

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Hey Creatives & Entrepreneurs: Do THIS to Overwhelm.

Show her who’s BOSS.*

Abundance doesn’t come from affirmations. You need to chisel away the non-essential and get laser-focused on ONE TASK AT A TIME. Download our (free) Overwhelm Eliminator now.

*We wanted to say, “Make her your BITCH.” But you can’t say that on Facebook.(Get it?? With the sad doggie?)

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You love your work. Isn’t it time for it to love you back?

Get your money up.

If your “true calling” isn’t paying the bills AND covering some desires too, it’s NOT because you’re blowing off your affirmations. But it IS something you’re doing…

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