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^^^^^ That’s a picture of me eating chocolate. The fancy kind.

Anyway. Sales letters.

Most of my sales letters have been rewrites of existing content. This is usually true in the start-up world; business owners rush to get things live, and then they get so overwhelmed with running their business that they have no time to go back and clean things up.

Another issue I see a lot (specifically with sales letters) is that companies evolve over time. Your voice and personality change, you get better at knowing and relating to your customers… but going back and revamping something SO massive (like these long-form sales letters) is just too daunting.


Upgrade Promo for Abundant Yogi:


This was a promo we ran for existing students of one of our lower-tier programs. We ran this for four days, with a running timer at the bottom.

Abundant Yogi Sales Letter — Upgrade Promotion

The original intent was for me to just touch up the sales letter to make it relevant for the promo. But I ended up refreshing the whole deal, top to bottom. (I also implemented all the copy changes in WordPress, including doing a high-level html copy and paste job. This may or may not have been the best plan. But it looks pretty good, right??)