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*not an actual  cult

*metaphorical fire

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Okay… there are four things you can do to significantly impact your email game:

1) Write a better welcome sequence
2) Do a better job of engaging with your readers all the time
3) Build a better plan for content creation
4) Create a foundational piece of content you can drive traffic to, so everyone knows who you are and what you stand for.

And whaddya know? I’ve designed my services around those very same things!

If you have your heart set on something you don’t see below, I do offer some “secret services” on a limited basis throughout the year.
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Cult of Personality™ Indoctrination Sequence

Let your followers know exactly what they just signed up for

For you if…

Beaucoup people are joining your list through Instagram (or some other medium), because they’re inspired by some random thing you shared. You need to capitalize on that excitement while it’s hot—and your current welcome sequence isn’t cutting it.

You’ve been trying to (re)create your free opt-in for about a century, and it’s just not coming together. (I have the perfect solution for this!)

You’re breaking into a different target audience, embarking on a big list-building mission, introducing a new service offering etc. You need to tweak that “getting to know you” phase so it feels consistent with your updated branding.

Your existing welcome sequence is a) more than 2 years old, b) built from a Digital Marketer template, or c) just an extended sales pitch (that isn’t performing all that well). You’ve always planned to revisit it when you have the time… but you know, you never do.

Your understanding of what a welcome sequence “should” do (sell something) is at odds with what you want to do, and what you know will be effective for your audience. You need a fresh approach. Oh hello!

What it is: An email sequence (5-7 emails) that new subscribers get when they join your list.

What it costs: $3997

How It Works:

Brand new subscribers are at peak excitement about you and whatever your deal is.

They’re feelin’ it! And it’s a make-or-break moment in your relationship.

Do you “teach” them something they can just as easily google, and then drop a sales pitch so they can “really” learn the thing you pretended to be teaching them for free?


Unlike the badly written, salesy-AF status quo, the CoP Indoctrination Sequence follows a story-based approach (similar to André Chaperon’s Soap Opera Sequence) with suspense, humor, vulnerability, and soft engagement prompts woven throughout.

When appropriate, I’m a big fan of creating a welcome sequence that ALSO functions as your free opt-in, instead of having to build a whole separate asset just to get people on your list.

(Like… a six-day mini-course that also just happens to perfectly illustrate what your brand is all about, and what it’s like to be one of your subscribers.)

We start with the full Cult of Personaltiy “Kool Aid” workup. This will tease out your philosophies, values, and personality—but it’ll also let me root around your existing content and pull together some ideas for a super inspiring welcome sequence.

I’ll work with you to determine the best frequency and cadence of the sequence (usually, it’s one email per day for 5-7 days), and how readers will flow from there into your general nurture pool.

Before I start writing, I’ll put together an outline detailing what each email will cover, and what I need from you in order to fill in the details. You can provide this information via voice memo.

Each email will include a few alternative subject lines for A/B testing, along with formatting suggestions, outbound links when necessary, and compelling P.S.’s (people love a good P.S.)

**If you decide to go the mini-course-as-welcome-sequence route, I’ll also help you come up with a cool name for it.**

Cult of Personality™ Monster of the Week

Weekly nurture emails that keep your reader coming back for more


For you if…

Your business has grown exponentially, and the time you used to be able to devote to content creation needs to be redistributed elsewhere.

You’ve got a big ol’ email list and you know you need to “monetize” them… but you ALSO know that the best way to do that is through regular, non-sales content that’s interesting and valuable and enjoyable to read.

You have a potentially controversial point of view, and you need help striking the right balance of rabble-rousing without being alienating.

You’re so in it; you have trouble synthesizing your (complicated, prolific, maybe-kinda-woowoo) ideas into coherent, vivid copy that connects with your audience. On their level.

What you’re doing is SO groundbreaking / unique / unusual that it’s hard to explain. You need help communicating your value in a way that doesn’t feel abstruse, boring, or vague—and that’s aligned with what your reader cares about most.

You’ve recognized a (feminist, social-justice-oriented) shift in your audience’s behaviors and priorities since 2016, and while you’re personally on board, you need help “going there” in a way that still feels on-brand.

What it is: Ongoing content creation (4 emails/month), plus ongoing content planning.

What it costs: $2997/month

How it works:

Everybody knows—if you only create content when you’ve got something to sell, your readers don’t like it. It’s boring at best.

And at worst?

Unsubscribe. Ignore. Delete without reading.

But if you engage your readers in meaningful conversation over a long period of time, they won’t mind it when you (occasionally, and with utmost sincerity) offer them something they might need.

They might not pull the trigger, but they won’t mind you asking, either. They’ll hang around, keep reading. And maybe the next offer will be a better fit.

That’s what these weekly nurture emails are all about. They can’t just exist for the sake of existing, or be tainted with any kind of agenda. Every single email must connect, must inspire, must be really fucking good.

Email marketing is a long game, for sure. But once a reader crosses over from “benevolent lurker” to “super excited paying customer,” it’s on like Law & Order: SVU.

(As in, it’s never not on. Get it?)

That’s because you’ve put in the time and effort to invest in them first. And now, they feel comfortable investing in you back.

To create our weekly monster, you’ll record a series of voice memos each month, in which you speak at length about each week’s given topic. (PS—we’ll usually stick to the same overarching theme for several weeks in a row, which makes this super easy for you.)

I’ll take what you say—bring on those brilliant, passionate, nerding-out-on-tangents diatribes—and turn it into a cohesive, compelling story that your readers will love as much as I love peanut butter cups.

Each month we’ll have a nice long chat to review strategy, plan future content, and review reader response and other metrics.

Cult of Personality™ Damn Fine Copy

A 12-month content plan that keeps the ideas percolating

For you if…

You used to be all about some regular content creation, but you got out of the flow and can’t seem to pick it back up again. (Hint: you need a plan!)

You’re in the process of (or just finishing) a rebrand and your content strategy needs an overhaul, but you aren’t really sure how to do that.

You need a super clear strategy for attracting your ideal people and drawing them closer, without being a creep. (Same goes for keeping them engaged once you’ve got ‘em and/or moving them through a  funnel.)

You think I’m the bees’ knees, but aren’t ready for one of my other options.

You have time blocked off for content creation, but you’re wasting most of it either figuring out what to say, or writing a whole long thing you never end up using.

What it is: A “living” content planning tool that lays out each month’s overarching theme as well as each email’s specific topic.

What it costs: $1997 as is; $3997 if you add some Kool-Aid

How it works:

This service starts with a complete audit of all your existing and previous content, including social media posts, emails, blog posts… whatever you got.

From there I’ll pull what I think are the primary themes and key messages of your brand. Then we’ll work through a content planning exercise I developed to ensure that those themes and messages fit your brand like a bespoke suit, and give you room to talk about all the different things you have to say.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a platform to help you develop all your content for the next 12 months.

It won’t have specific email subject lines or blog post titles (although sometimes I do produce those on the fly, and when I do, they’re yours to keep). But it WILL give you a map that shows:

  • What theme you’ll cover in any given month
  • The four or five specific emails or blog pieces you’ll develop within that month
  • When you’ll need to curate content (like enlisting some guest contributions while you’re on vacation) and what it needs to cover
  • Notable calendar dates that lend themselves to a particular theme (like a food blogger and Thanksgiving recipes)

This planning platform can feed into your official content calendar, which I can either set up for you or show you how to DIY.

I like to think of this tool as an idea generator. It gives you structure, strategy, and direction for your content, keeping you focused on what your readers crave.

You’ll never be stuck for what to write about, but you’ll also have plenty of room for random flashes of inspiration.

Cult of Personality™ Cherry Pie and Copy

Damn Fine Copy plus one, brand-defining piece


For you if…

Your existing readers love your informal, from-the-hip content, but need a more polished, strategic piece you can use at the top of your funnel.

Your social media manager has been bugging you for some new creative, and the ideas you’ve sent her aren’t performing well.

You don’t have a blog where you can sound off on this “who we are and what we stand for” business, but that kind of manifesto-style piece doesn’t belong on any of your front-facing Web pages.

You’re evolving, man, and you can’t run traffic to your old content anymore.

You’re too excited to wait until one of my Monster spots opens up.

You have one of those hard-to-explain brands, and you need a foundational piece of content you can direct readers to.


What it is: Everything from ‘Damn Fine Copy’ plus one foundational piece of content to rule them all.

What it costs: $3997

How it works:

A pillar piece is almost like a manifesto—who you are, what you stand for, and why—but most manifestos are boring, and don’t do a great job of connecting with the reader.

Why do *I* care who you are and what you stand for? What will *I* get in return for the time and attention it will take to read this?

A strong pillar piece clarifies these elements in a way that doesn’t feel preachy or self-aggrandizing.

It clearly plants your flagpole (heh heh) while making the reader feel more “Thank god somebody’s FINALLY saying these things!” and less “Eh, so what?”

This opens up SO MANY cool options for introducing new readers to your brand.

?You can run cold traffic to it from social media ads, and use it as a list-building tool.
?You can splinter off little pieces of it to inform ad campaigns and social media content.
?You can link to it as a way to keep track of who’s interested in learning more about you (and who’s not, and where they came from).

Cherry Pie and Coffee includes everything in Damn Fine Copy, plus one piece of strategically crafted “pillar” content that will live on either on your website proper, or as an evergreen blog post.

Once we’ve got your 12-month content plan in place, I’ll come up with a few ideas for how to handle the piece. Together we’ll determine the most effective angle to use, the desired outcome(s), and what information I’ll need to extract from your brain. (It doesn’t hurt; I promise.)

The final piece will be around 1,000 words (maybe more; determining the ideal length is one of the things we’ll do before I start writing).