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Cult of Personality™

Hello! I'm Sam, a Positioning Strategist & Copywriter who creates powerful brand personalities and compelling marketing copy for founders, visionaries, service providers, and activists.

One thing all my best clients have in common? They love how deeply I "get" their voice, and how much care and detail I put into understanding THEIR clients.

I create custom packages designed around what you need most—à la carte sales pages; make-you-cry (in a good way) email sequences, website copy—it's your world.

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The Cult of Personality™

Naked Launch

Build a bangin' 5-figure launch (no, that's not a typo) with the support of a smart, seasoned strategist who understands what it's like to do EVERYTHING yourself, and who doesn't want your face to look like this guy...

The Cult of Personality™


A Substack newsletter for disillusioned, rebellious, and/or “accidental,” marketers who are ready for the conversation to shift from what’s wrong with marketing today (shortcut: everything) to what we’re gonna do next.

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The most important asset in your business is TRUST.

And that means two things:

  1. Your audience is not a cult, a "tribe," or an ATM machine. Instead, they're just like Soylent Green—PEOPLE!!
  2. Your job, and mine, is to center their humanity, trust them, tell the truth, put some good sh*t in front of their eyeballs, and be kind (rewind).

Looking for a no-strings-attached quickie?

Expert 👀 on your existing content = 😮‍💨💰🥳

What about a Sales Page Framework?

That speaks directly to your ideal client without making you feel like you need to take a shower

Wanna see some weird shit?

Rifle through all the strange things I used to write about before I was a "brand"


I love how this woman works.

“Sam was able to speak to our readers the same way I would, remaining sensitive to their distaste for being ‘sold to,’ checking her own cultural experience, and keeping our audience super engaged in every conversation.

I love how this woman works and you’d be crazy not to hire her — like, yesterday.”

Zim Ugochukwu
Founder, Travel Noire

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Nobody gets my voice like she does.

"Sam is one of a kind. She’s funny, determined, goes on weird and beautiful tangents (that sometimes turn into brilliant marketing emails), and is deeply committed to bringing integrity and empathy into her marketing strategies.

"She’s also one of the best writers in the business—no joke. Nobody gets my voice like she does, and she immerses herself in your business at an insane level. 

During our work together, Sam developed a messaging strategy that contributed to multiple high-6 and 7-figure launches, including a recent campaign that brought in nearly $175k in sales." 

Danielle Leslie
CIO & Founder, Course From Scratch + Culture Add Labs


Her experience is invaluable.

“Sam has been able to synthesize some very technical material, and consistently turn out accurate, engaging, enjoyable copy that not only converts to better sales, but frees me to do what I do best.

Sam's been a part of several high-powered marketing teams, and her experience with email marketing and strategy decisions is invaluable.

Chuck Duff
Founder, Coaching The Body™

Hi, I’m Sam.

I'm a Positioning Strategist & Copywriter who creates powerful brand personalities and compelling marketing copy for founders, visionaries, service providers, and activists.

I'm known for my ability to truly capture my clients' voice and craft messaging that makes THEIR clients feel seen, safe, and excited AF to get to work.

My clients include a few high-profile thought leaders (👀), ethical ecommerce companies, intersectional therapists, and the company that makes those RBG action figures.

One time I worked up some brand messaging, product descriptions, and website copy for an inclusive athleisure company... and we ended up on Oprah’s Favorite Things!!

So what I'm saying is, I know Oprah. (JUST KIDDING)

GODDAMN these emails are good.

Stephanie Hayes
Business Strategist,

Emails for cult thought leaders.

(Personality included.)

Want to learn how to craft emails + engage in online marketing in ways that you actually enjoy and look forward to?

Ways that feel good and authentic for both you AND your audience?

I’m doing it, and I can show you how to do it, too.

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