May 31, 2019

It’s like the dark ages up in here.

In New Jersey hanging out at a weird hotel pool all by my lonesome.

I’m here for the New Brunswick writing conference, which is so off the beaten path, it doesn’t even have a hashtag! It’s like the dark ages up in here.

But here’s the thing y’all… NEIL FREAKING GAIMAN is speaking tonight. I’m so excited and *starstruck* (uh huh) but mostly I can’t figure out why such a podunk-seeming con has such great keynote speakers. I’m intrigued.

Also. I think there’s a junior dance competition happening at this hotel. #sohereforit
Also. There are trees in front of me, traffic in the back. This is the mullet of pools.

Samantha Pollack

About Sam

Samantha Pollack is  a Positioning Strategist & Copywriter who creates powerful brand personalities and compelling marketing copy for service providers, creatives, BIPOC women, AuDHD folks, activists, queers, weirdos, and other smart people.

She's known for her ability to truly capture my clients' voice and craft messaging that makes THEIR clients feel seen, safe, and excited AF to get to work.

Sam believes the most important asset in your business is your audience’s trust, and is working to build a new marketing paradigm rooted in honesty, kindness, and slowing the f*ck down—while making (and paying) sustainable wages. 

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