Feb 11, 2021

So. Much. INPUT

Yesterday, I listened to part of an audiobook. I listened to a podcast. I scrolled through dozens of feed posts on Instagram and watched about 15 stories. I laughed at funny memes. I went down infuriating rabbit holes. I read a lot about the use of the term “kink shaming” to erase issues of consent. I was all up in the group chat with my friends, who were having an intense debate about whether wearing skinny jeans and parting your hair on the side means you’re old (it does / we are / who cares). I read a couple chapters of my actual book. I watched the Britney documentary on Hulu. I fielded emails and Slack messages from clients.

It’s so much INPUT, y’all. And it’s like, I want a break from it all but it’s also addictive.

I once tried to do a solo writing retreat in this little Airbnb tucked away in the mountains. It was only like 5 miles from my house, but it was isolated and beautiful and remote.

I had it booked for 5 days. I made it 3 before I went full Jack Nicholson and had to come home early.

I don’t have a point to this story. I’m not here for inspirational quotes about minimalism and the importance of rest. Life is complicated and we’re all doing our best. 🤷🏻‍♀️

But I do think I’m going to limit my books to one at a time from now on.

(okay… maybe 2)

(wait… do audiobooks count?)

This is going great. 👍

audiobook: Catch & Kill by Ronan Farrow (highly recommend btw)
podcast: That’s Messed Up, a podcast about Law & Order: SVU
book: Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
Britney doc: The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears

Samantha Pollack

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She publishes frequent essays on feminism, privilege, pop culture, entrepreneurship, the creative process, and more on her website, cultofpersonality.co. She currently lives in Asheville, NC, and while she can *technically* work from anywhere, she prefers her adventures laptop-free.

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