Feb 27, 2021

Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow

This is the kind of audiobook you talk back to. It’s the kind of book you beg your friends to read, so you have someone to talk about it with.

It’s the kind of book that has you going, “OH MY GOD” and “THIS IS SO FUCKED UP” and “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” while you’re in your car, by yourself.

So, this is the story behind Ronan Farrow’s incredible journalistic work on the women whose lives were ruined by Harvey Weinstein, NBC’s fucked up attempts to squash the story… and THEN it’s about Matt Lauer and all the nefarious shit going down at NBC. 🤯

I don’t want to go into much more detail, because the triumph of this book is in hearing it for yourself. (It is UNBELIEVABLE what these men do in the workplace. So gross.)

But anyway. Here’s what I will say—

This book reads like a spy novel. It’s gripping and suspenseful and full of intrigue and subterfuge. My only complaint was that it was hard to keep track of all the different people (NBC execs, lawyers, spies, etc.).

I normally side-eye an author who performs their own audiobook, but Ronan is SO GOOD AT IT. He does *voices* (and, his voices are everything I need in my life).

He’s also funny, slightly self-deprecating, dogged in his reporting, and really genuine, all of which offsets the subject matter, which is upsetting, frustrating, heavy subject matter.

(At one point, we’re listening to Annabella Sciorra’s first-hand account of her rape, and it’s so rough, but right then he goes into a Rosie Perez voice and it’s such a perfect, tension-breaking moment.)

If you have a man in your life who needs to get woke, this might do the trick—just be prepared to talk it out when he’s done.

**Content notes** Farrow centers the women in this story, which is important and good. This means there are a couple first-hand accounts of rape which are pretty upsetting to listen to (but important). There’s also audio of Weinstein being a creep. 😖

Samantha Pollack

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