Why I Love An Unpopular Opinion

Image text: Why I love an unpopular opinionImage text: An unpopular opinion makes us feel like free thinkers. It reassures us that we're not zombies, that we can embrace our own response to a piece of pop culture...Image text: ...even if that response deviates from what "most people think."Image text: Also, unpopular opinion threads make us laugh, because they represent those tiny little beautiful specs that make us human.Image text: By magnifying something so ultra-specific, we're actually speaking universal truths to each other...Image text: We may all like & dislike different things, but we still share the capacity to like & dislike.Image text: It's a reminder that we're more alike than different. Plus, it's a welcome bit of lighthearted fun.Image text: Let's go! Share your unpopular opinions below. I'll start...

My #1 unpopular opinion has got to be that I don’t like Fleetwood Mac. I mean, I totally get why *people* like Fleetwood Mac… just… yeah, I don’t. I live for the moments when I’m all by myself and I get to skip “Landslide” without having to explain myself. (I don’t hate “Everywhere” I guess. Or “Tusk.”)

I think day-old wilted salad is pretty good. I will definitely eat those leftovers. 🤷🏻

I never really love dining outside as much as I think I will. This depends on the space, and how windy it is. Also, covid has changed my relationship with outdoor dining. Nevermind.


Ewan McGregor is overrated as an actor.

“Save The Last Dance” is a great movie, and Julia Stiles is a national treasure. CHANGE MY MIND.

Ok. Your turn! Hit me up >>>

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