Jun 26, 2021

Sh*tting on Millennials

🙋🏻 motion to close all current & future discussions on what qualifies one as Xennial vs. elder millennial vs. geriatric millennial vs. Gandalf millennial vs. Crocodile Dundee millennial vs. Oregon Trail millennial vs. Pumpkin Spice Millennial vs. vs. vs.

First of all. I’ve never been a fan of shitting on millennials, because all the millennials *I* know are really fucking smart, and creative, and kind, and cool as hell. My clients are millennials; my favorite IG follow is a millennial; my work wife is a millennial; my EX-work wife is a millennial; some of my best friends are millennials! etc.

Also, I have questions.

👉🏼 Why wouldn’t we call them “young GenX” instead of “old millennial?”
🤔 What if your older sibling was super grunge so you had to listen to her music and watch MTV with her but you were born in 1981? (Asking for my sister.)
💡 Why don’t we just let people decide for themselves how they want to talk about their age group, and quit arguing about it?

And finally, isn’t all this generation identity and micro-generation parsing just a self-involved thing that wh*te people do? Is this because we don’t have a rich cultural identity of our own, so we grasp at anything that makes us feel unique and interesting and special and part of something? Because it feels very privileged and navel-gaze-y to me, even though I am absolutely guilty of it myself.

Lastly. I just spent 20 minutes researching the term “geriatric millennial,” because it’s ridiculous (pretty sure we should just abolish the word ‘geriatric’ altogether), and I found multiple mentions of Boomers, Gen Z, and millennials, but zero mention of GenX.

It’s like we’re a black hole (sun). 🥁ba-dum ching! 🥁

Samantha Pollack

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