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A photo of Sam sipping red wine from a large wine goblet⬅️ my reaction when someone tells me conversion copy is the only way to get results

*sips tea*

If you have the right offer, and you can put it in front of the right people, and you treat those people as full human beings who know what’s best for their own damn selves, and your business practices reflect what you SAY your values are (see: anti racism; inclusion; accessibility; HAES; feminism; etc.), and your pricing reflects not only the value of said offer but the price point that makes sense for your audience—

Then, you can just tell the truth.

And people will respond.

It really is that simple…

Yes, it will probably take longer to hit the same financial milestones. But I would posit that the accelerated timelines and 7-figure launches we’ve been seeing with traditional ad campaigns, product launch formulas, and aggressive sales funnels are:

>> unsustainable
>> an unchecked, unregulated, inaccurate representation of how marketing is supposed to work, a house that was built on an unethical, patriarchal, misogynist foundation.

They’re part of a bubble that’s about to burst, IMO.

If we want to continue to create a positive impact in this world, if we want to reclaim & redistribute some of the wealth that’s sending Bezos to the moon while entire countries still need a covid vaccine—

Then we’re going to have to start doing things differently.

If your email marketing program feels stale, forced, overly bro-y, or just out of touch with who you’ve become in your business…

hit me up. Let’s cause some trouble.

Samantha Pollack

About Sam

Samantha Pollack writes creative copy (mostly emails) for feminist companies and/or thought leaders who are working to build a fairer, more connected culture. She’s also the founder of The Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, a 6-week course that helps HSP business owners create healthier, more sustainable systems in their work. 

She publishes frequent essays on feminism, privilege, pop culture, entrepreneurship, the creative process, and more on her website, She currently lives in Asheville, NC, and while she can *technically* work from anywhere, she prefers her adventures laptop-free.

Emails for cult thought leaders.

(Personality included.)

Want to learn how to craft emails that inspire action and engagement WITHOUT the “tried and true” (cough: patriarchal) norms we’ve all been taught?

I’m doing it, and I can show you how to do it, too.

(But sometimes, I also like to write about the books I’m reading, or the creative process, or the entrepreneurial experience, or why I hate Steve Jobs, or how I met my BFF. I’ll send you emails like that, too.)

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