Aug 27, 2021

I Did Not Like “Good Omens”

Unpopular opinion (in nerd-land at least): I thought Good Omens was boring. The book AND the show.

I tried! I wanted to like it! I loved Neverwhere and American Gods! I really enjoyed Stardust and The Ocean at the End of The Lane! I’m a Gaiman fan through and through!

But just because I’m a fan of a writer doesn’t mean that writer is infallible, or that I have to like ~e v e r y t h i n g~ that writer puts out.

A few months ago, one of my favorite feminist marketers leveled a (fair, interesting, insightful) critique at something Lindy West said in The Witches Are Coming. And I was horrified—DON’T SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT LINDY! SHE IS MY FAVORITE AND MY BEST FRIEND NOW!

But Lindy *can’t* be infallible. It’s not fair to her, nor is feminist to place any one person beyond reproach, especially if that person is a woman. We need to practice accepting women as full human beings who sometimes say fucked up shit, or who maybe don’t “get it” as fully as those who come after them will.

In fact—future writers NEED writers like Lindy (and… moi?) to get it sorta wrong every once in a while, so they can keep building on & evolving this work.

I’m not tagging her in this post, because I don’t want Lindy to be upset. But you should go to the link in Lindy’s bio and sign up for her newsletter, if you like hilarious movie recaps. I literally laughed out loud for 10 straight minutes reading her latest installment the other day.

Anyway. My point is, we should be allowed to not like things, and your favorite writer should be allowed to create something you don’t love. And Good Omens is boring.

Samantha Pollack

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