Sep 26, 2021

Movie Recommendations

Image text: Movie recommendations?For the past month or so, my man & I have been having Sunday Movie Days. We started by choosing classics one of us hadn’t seen, or rewatching great movies that we hadn’t seen in years. Then we started watching movies during the week as well. Now it’s all we do.

And I gotta say, it feels like we’re revolutionizing streaming culture a little bit.
Instead of scrolling forever, watching trailers for an hour until it’s too late to watch anything, and getting in stupid fights becasue I don’t want to watch what he wants to watch and vice versa, and can’t we ever agree on anything, and what are we even doing in this marriage anyway??—we’re just picking something and pressing play.

We’re overriding the pressure to find the “perfect” watch for our mood that night, and just landing on the first thing that either one of us shrugs and says, “sure, I’d watch that.” We’re eliminating the unnecessary decision fatigue and the weird exhaustion that you get from scrolling.

We watched Do the Right Thing. We watched Goodfellas. We watched Man on Fire. We watched Castaway. We watched Batman Begins. We watched Independence Day and Kajillionaire and The Big Sick and Sleeping with The Enemy. I *finally* made Matthew watch Mean Girls (he only sort of gets it).

We’re not spending precious energy trying to squeeze a profound experience out of our television; anything is watchable once you start watching it. But the weird thing is, we ARE having more profound experiences. We’re connecting with each other more, we’re broadening our cinematic language; we’re improving our relationship with our TV.

Samantha Pollack

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