Oct 12, 2021

Build Your House Around My Body by Violet Kupersmith

Pretty sure this is the first book I’ve ever read where I got to the final scene and—WHILE I WAS READING THE LAST PAGE—thought…

“I’m gonna need to read this again.”

I haven’t loved a book this much, in this way, in a really long time. Weird Asian fiction is where I want to live forever.

The jacket description of the book, as well as the NYT Book Review, lays out the plot like this:

“Two young women go missing decades apart. Both are fearless, both are lost. And both will have their revenge.”

This is technically true, and I suppose I don’t have a better way to describe it… but the book is a sprawling, spooky, multi-generational saga that weaves together Vietnamese history & folklore to create a world that feels both intimate and completely unknowable at the same time.

Most of the story takes place in two main settings—modern-day Saigon, with its motorbikes and alleyways and stifling humidity, and a remote village / forest / haunted old rubber plantation inhabited by… well, it’s hard to explain.

I don’t want to describe too much more, because you will think I’m on drugs.

If you like Murakami novels, you’ll probably enjoy this as well. (And yes, I know Murakami is Japanese, not Vietnamese. The weirdness is what I’m referring to.)

Samantha Pollack

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