Oct 21, 2021

Cult of Personality is 5!

TFW you attempt a cool photo shoot like an influencer, but instead you just look like a weird dork on your porch, holding a fucked up sparkler. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve never celebrated a “business bday” before, because October 21 is my best friend Carolin’s birthday (she’s not on ig so I can’t tag her), and that’s what I’m usually celebrating today.

But it just so happens that five years ago—in 2016, what a year, amiright?—I got fired on Carolin’s birthday. I remember, because after I hung up the zoom call with the sexists, I called her and said—

“Hiiii! I just got fired on your birthday!” 🎉🥂🥳

And that’s how I’m able to remember that today, Cult of Personality™ is five years old! She’s walking and talking and about to start kindergarten I guess!

I could tell you the whole story of how and why I got fired, but it’s on my blog, and if you scroll down my feed you’ll find a post about my origin story somewhere in there, too.

Anyway. Happy birthday, Carolin! Happy birthday, CoP™!

Many happy returns. 🙂

Samantha Pollack

About Sam

Samantha Pollack writes creative copy (mostly emails) for feminist companies and/or thought leaders who are working to build a fairer, more connected culture. She’s also the founder of The Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, a 6-week course that helps HSP business owners create healthier, more sustainable systems in their work. 

She publishes frequent essays on feminism, privilege, pop culture, entrepreneurship, the creative process, and more on her website, cultofpersonality.co. She currently lives in Asheville, NC, and while she can *technically* work from anywhere, she prefers her adventures laptop-free.

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