Jan 16, 2022

Tech Tools for Freelance Copywriters

oh hi. I wanted to share some of the tech, tools, and resources I use to do my freelance copywriting work & organize my life. Share yours in the comments!

Here we go…

A little toolbar app that makes the copy & paste function 8 million times better. It stores the last 25 things you copied, so you can retrieve them and re-paste. Absolute game changer for writing marketing emails.

This is what I use for time tracking. I haven’t tried Harvest (or anything else), but that’s because I’ve been using this since Day One (back when it was called Freckle) and have never been unhappy with it. Very easy to toggle between freelance projects; builds in a 15-minute roundup; and you can set goals to not go over or under a target amount of time in a given day / week / month. Mobile app isn’t great but I never have occasion to use that so I’m happy.

**Moleskine planner**
I’ve tried the Passion Planner, the SELF Journal, the Desire Map Planner, and more. I always feel like they become their own to-do… and I get resentful of all those questions I have to answer. Since I’m a regular journaler anyway, I just like a simple planner—week on one side, notes on the other. And it doesn’t weigh 8 million pounds or take up half my work bag.

**Pencils, both mechanical and #2**
Yep, I’m analog. I use a pencil to write in my planner, and a pencil to journal. I just like it. (Crossword puzzles, I do in pen though. 😎)

** Screen Time limits on my phone**
I have these set for Instagram, email, Chrome, Photos, and all my messaging apps combined. I have the ability to override the limit, and sometimes I do, but the pattern interrupt is really helpful to keep me from being on my phone 24/7.

What tech & tools do you like? Let’s talk about it.

Samantha Pollack

About Sam

Samantha Pollack is  a Positioning Strategist & Copywriter who creates powerful brand personalities and compelling marketing copy for service providers, creatives, BIPOC women, AuDHD folks, activists, queers, weirdos, and other smart people.

She's known for her ability to truly capture my clients' voice and craft messaging that makes THEIR clients feel seen, safe, and excited AF to get to work.

Sam believes the most important asset in your business is your audience’s trust, and is working to build a new marketing paradigm rooted in honesty, kindness, and slowing the f*ck down—while making (and paying) sustainable wages. 

Emails for cult thought leaders.

(Personality included.)

Want to learn how to craft emails that inspire action and engagement WITHOUT the “tried and true” (cough: patriarchal) norms we’ve all been taught?

I’m doing it, and I can show you how to do it, too.

(But sometimes, I also like to write about the books I’m reading, or the creative process, or the entrepreneurial experience, or why I hate Steve Jobs, or how I met my BFF. I’ll send you emails like that, too.)

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