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I Did Not Like “Good Omens”

Unpopular opinion (in nerd-land at least): I thought Good Omens was boring. The book AND the show. I tried! I wanted to like it! I loved Neverwhere and American Gods! I really enjoyed Stardust and The Ocean at the End of The Lane! I’m a Gaiman fan through and through! But just because I’m a…

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“Charge What You’re Worth” Hypocrisy

Yup. I’m back on my bullshit, calling out the hypocritical way certain business owners* are treating their freelance service providers. You have these big names—recognizable, internet-famous entrepreneurs telling everyone & their mother to charge what they’re worth. And when you land your first big-name client, you think— “Finally, I’m going to get paid my rates…

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Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

What a weird, short, quirky story that I absolutely *adored*, and never told you about here on IG for some reason. I listened to this audiobook in the Before Times, December 2019, and it was a sleeper fave. I highly recommend the audiobook for this one, because Marin Ireland effin NAILS it—it’s like you made…

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Beach Letter to Myself

TFW you get back from a restorative week at the beach and open your planner for the first time to find a letter from your pre-beach self, reminding you of all the loose ends you didn’t tie up before you left and offering some sweet encouragement, along with a wish that post-beach you would be…

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