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Hello, I’m Sam

It’s (re)introduction time! Hellooooooo. I’m Sam, an email copywriter working within a Feminist Framework. I write: >> launch emails >> nurture emails >> welcome sequences (when someone joins your list for the 1st time) >> onboarding sequences (when someone subscribes to your subscription service) >> abandon cart sequences >> email challenges >> and more And…

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The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix

First of all, I am unreasonably proud of this spoOoOoOky image I made for you. 🤩 Please provide compliments in the comments below. 😉 Second of all, this book was fun as hell & a super quick read. There are a million little slasher-movie Easter eggs—I’m still sorting through them all, and I love that…

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Tell The Truth

I like to tell people I can’t make a meeting because I have therapy at that time. I purposely say, “I don’t want to,” or “That’s not how I prefer to do it,” when I don’t want to do something. I don’t waste energy making up some less confrontational reason. When fellow entrepreneurs come to…

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The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

That’s two for two with this author! I think Cloud Atlas is a bit more successful, mostly because of Part V of The Bone Clocks, and because the ending is jarringly bleak and terrifying, with an absolute worst-case-scenario dystopian future that made me want to move to Iceland tout de suite. Mitchell has said his…

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Emails for cult thought leaders.

(Personality included.)

Want to learn how to craft emails that inspire action and engagement WITHOUT the “tried and true” (cough: patriarchal) norms we’ve all been taught?

I’m doing it, and I can show you how to do it, too.

(But sometimes, I also like to write about the books I’m reading, or the creative process, or the entrepreneurial experience, or why I hate Steve Jobs, or how I met my BFF. I’ll send you emails like that, too.)

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