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Hoooookayyyyy…. 😳 lots to unpack here. I’ve seen WeWork. I’ve seen Theranos. I’ve seen the NXIVM stuff. I’ve watched the Netflix series UnWell. I know this story already… but I still cannot look away. These people are TOO FASCINATING. Here’s where we veer into some utter fuckery, though. Founder of LuLaRoe, DeAnne Stidham, says this:…

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High Sensitivity & Spoon Theory

One thing that people aren’t talking about enough in regards to High Sensitivity + entrepreneurship, is this— 🥄🥄Your sensitivity does not know the difference between “work” and “everything else.” You have a stimulus threshold, and when you go over, you go over. So, if you have a FaceTime reading date with your 4-year old niece,…

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Cult of Personality is 5!

TFW you attempt a cool photo shoot like an influencer, but instead you just look like a weird dork on your porch, holding a fucked up sparkler. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve never celebrated a “business bday” before, because October 21 is my best friend Carolin’s birthday (she’s not on ig so I can’t tag her), and that’s…

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Re: Boundaries

I’ve been seeing this email signature circulate on the socials again lately, and I gotta say, it pisses me off. Not the *sentiment*—that part’s good. Take as long as you want to read, process, and respond to your emails. The culture of immediacy sucks. It’s the EXPLAINING. I do this with my emails. I rarely…

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Emails for cult thought leaders.

(Personality included.)

Want to learn how to craft emails that inspire action and engagement WITHOUT the “tried and true” (cough: patriarchal) norms we’ve all been taught?

I’m doing it, and I can show you how to do it, too.

(But sometimes, I also like to write about the books I’m reading, or the creative process, or the entrepreneurial experience, or why I hate Steve Jobs, or how I met my BFF. I’ll send you emails like that, too.)

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