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This is an attic crammed with creased and crinkly papers containing all of the writing I did before 2023. Grab your flashlight, blow off the dust, and settle in for a pretty weird adventure.

Signal Boost—3 Accounts to Follow

It’s time for the Cult of Personality™ #SaturdaySignalBoost, where I pick an awesome BIPOC-owned Instagram account to showcase so you can go follow them, too. 🎉 I do this roughly once a month—you know, in all the “regular” history months 🙄—and this month I’m intentionally featuring a few accounts whose mission is to support rest and…

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Apple Watch Commercials and Fear-Based Marketing

We all agree the new Apple Watch commercials are super dark, yes? It’s easy to point to these commercials as a blatant example of fear-based marketing, and condemn and/or dismiss them (and Apple?) accordingly. But what’s harder to suss out is the fear-play built into most traditional marketing strategies, ESPECIALLY online. These are basic, deep-seated human…

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My Copywriting Mentor

When people ask me who my copywriting mentor is, or who I admire, I almost always dodge the question and say, “I don’t really look at other writers’ work.” This is because >> 1. I am WAY too sensitive & dramatic about my own writing to handle how brilliant someone else is. #iykyk #writerproblems 2. It is…

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How to Write Emotional Emails

One of my least favorite sexist assumptions is that women are “too emotional” and therefore less effective at their jobs. (First of all. The biggest, most immature temper tantrums I’ve ever witnessed have ALL come from men. *They’re* the dramatic ones. But… I digress.) If you identify as a woman, you’ve probably encountered a certain…

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