My (Imperfect, Ever-Evolving) Anti-Racism Pledge

Hi. As a thin, able-bodied, cisgender, more-or-less heterosexual White woman from an upper-middle class suburban background, I have benefitted from an enormous amount of privilege in my life—privileges that are not enjoyed by those who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. Those who are fat or differently abled, or otherwise fail to meet the…

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What Does “Cult of Personality” mean? (Does it have to do with Trump?)

^^There’s me, wearing faux leather leggings (which are hotter than the real thing, btw) in St. Petersburg, FL, in the middle of June, about halfway through an all-day photo shoot. 🥵I had about 750 pounds of makeup on, which is about 750 pounds more than what I usually wear. Plus, heels. WHO EVEN AM I….

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Can You Run An Online Business Without Facebook? I Tried—Here’s What Happened.

Alright, listen. This isn’t going to be an analytical think piece about the future of Facebook, and what it means for online marketing. There are plenty of cocky marketing gurus that can explain that to you—and I am neither cocky nor a guru. I just don’t like Facebook.  If I were a “regular person,” (as…

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