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LIVE EVENT with Samantha Pollack, founder of Cult of Personality™

Wednesday, Sept. 7th

4:00 PM PT // 7:00 PM ET

“Leave your emotions at the door” is so last century. 

Most creative / service-based business owners are incapable of separating their emotions from their work. 

That’s what makes the work SO GOOD.

But the patriarchal, misogynist foundations of late-stage capitalism have convinced us all that emotions are “unprofessional” and inappropriate. 

That we should all act like Stepford Wife online marketing robots, worshipping the mighty dollar—or in our case, conversion rates, 7-figure launches,  and Lifetime Customer Value metrics—over a silly little thing like how our clients feel. 

Or how we feel.

Your emotions carry a lot of wisdom, even though the gods of online marketing would disagree. 

And your empathy is the key to reconciling your marketing strategy with your values as a human being.

Register now for my first ever live discussion on this topic, and we’ll dig into  what it would look like to: 

  • Tear down the myth that emotions are unprofessional 🙅🏻
    (this is some misogynistic BS)
  • Disrupt the idea that kindness can’t convert 🖕🏽
    (it can & it will)
  • Drop an empathy bomb right in the middle of online marketing culture  💥
    (how ya like them apples?)

We’ll also talk about practical things, like—

  • Navigating difficult clients (and difficult people in general) without losing your shit
  • Taking good care of your team members (and yourself) without drowning in unfounded worry or stress
  • Receiving negative feedback on your creative work 😬
  • Boundaries & shit 
  • Screwing up, admitting it, and how to offer / accept apologies
  • The emotions that come with visibility, vulnerability, and putting your work out into the world—and how to consider & honor them instead of pushing them down

This is a live, Zoom-style event that is scheduled to run for 60 minutes. There will be a replay if you can’t make it.

Samantha Pollack



Samantha Pollack is a copywriter & creative strategist

for businesses & thought leaders who are committed to ethical marketing practices and using their (super cool) work to build a fairer, more equitable culture.

She approaches marketing from a Feminist Framework, and writes about marketing bros, privilege, pop culture, neurodivergence, and whatever else is on her mind. 

She is also the founder of The Highly Sensitive Business Owner, a 12-week program that helps neurodivergent & highly sensitive business owners create healthier, more sustainable business models.