Editing & Proofreading

The *exact* thing you were trying to say

but better

$80/hour USD

Expert  👀  on your existing content = 😮‍💨💰🥳

For entrepreneurs who've been writing their own copy from the jump, The Cult of Personality™ Quickie will help shorten that whole "testing and editing and testing and editing" thing you have to do with all your messaging.

Use it for previous launch content, website copy, or
email sequences.

I'll pore over your content and deliver thoughtful, strategic feedback to help punch up your voice + personality, clear up any clutter or confusion, and make sure your potential clients know exactly what to do when they're done reading. (Book a call, join your email list, enroll in your course or community, etc.)

You'll gain a better understanding  of what's working in your copy, and what's not, and why...

And I'll lend you my experienced eyes to make sure all that writing you're doing is getting you the results it's supposed to.

Editing? or Proofreading?

What's the difference, and which one do you need?

  • An Editorial Letter that lays out what's working, what needs playing up, and what sorts of copy shenanigans you get to stop doing. 😉
  • A few light comments and editing suggestions (I will ask you to set up your copy in Google Docs before we start so it's easier for us to collaborate)
  • A 90-minute recorded Audit Call (guess it's not THAT kind of quickie!) where we'll review my findings and go over next steps

How it Works

Fill out my Contact Form (or click any of the big red buttons on this page), and I'll be in touch to set up an initial meeting. I may ask you to send me a few sample pages, a brief, a style guide, etc., before we talk, but usually I won't need that until after.

We'll get on a video chat and you can tell me the whole situation—what you're working on; how it's going; why you want to tear your hair out; the areas you're most concerned with; what you want me to prioritize.

I will do my best to provide a rough estimate on our call; but I usually prefer to do a 10-page sample so I can be more accurate about my quote.

You will receive two copies of your edited document—a Clean Copy free of markup and other all gobbledygook; and a Track Changes version so you can see exactly what changes I made and where (i.e. ALL OF THE GOBBLEDYGOOK).

If needed (this depends on your project), we will have a follow-up Editorial Call to discuss how to resolve any lingering issues (plot holes; unanswered questions in your narrative, etc.) and carve out next steps.

If you'd like, you can retain me for a second edit to review your changes and give you the A-OK; this will typically take far less time than our initial edit.

Hi,I’m Sam.

Sam Highly Sensitive

I'm a Positioning Strategist & Copywriter who creates powerful brand personalities and compelling marketing copy for founders, visionaries, service providers, and activists.

I'm known for my ability to truly capture my clients' voice and craft messaging that makes THEIR clients feel seen, safe, and excited AF to get to work.

My clients include a few high-profile thought leaders (👀), ethical ecommerce companies, intersectional therapists, and the company that makes those RBG action figures.

One time I worked up some brand messaging, product descriptions, and website copy for an inclusive athleisure company... and we ended up on Oprah’s Favorite Things!!

Since 2015, I've worked on tons of launches, from my own little $5k affairs to one or two actual million-dollar campaigns—which were only *partly* because of my strategy and copy work, but sure, I'll take that credit. 😉

In that time, I've worked with with SO many different messaging strategies, platforms, and personalities... and I've written more emails and landing pages than I can count.

After playing in the cool kids' rose-gold sandbox for several years, I stepped away from large-scale B2B launches to help smaller, more specialized businesses—woodworking educators, pet photographers, artists, authors, therapists, CPAs, etc.—clarify their brand positioning and own their badassery—so they can reach and impact the people they're here to serve.

Here are a few examples of how clients have used this in the past, to give you a sense of scope:


A CPA and financial educator had me review her welcome sequence, a few of her evergreen nurture emails, and a handful of previous launch emails (about 15 emails total). She wanted to know if the voice sounded consistent throughout, if she was conveying the right messaging at the right times throughout her welcome sequence, and if any of her evergreen emails should be replaced, and if so, with what. 👍🏼

Michelle 6-20

A licensed clinical therapist / Ph.D had me look over her website (which had SO MUCH CONTENT) to help her reorganize her nav menu (which info lives where) and provide feedback and suggestions for how to trim down all that language, punch up the voice and personality, and make it easier for her potential clients to find what they needed.


A fractional Director of Operations was considering a rebrand, so I reviewed her original site copy (which I also wrote) and advised her on what she could keep, what needed updating, and how to make the necessary changes while maintaining a consistent brand messaging & overall feel.


A Thai massage therapist & bodyworker had me review an online sales funnel for one of his programs, including the landing page, video script, and a story-based, 10-email sequence. I helped him simplify his language (it was very academic), improving conversions and engagement throughout the funnel.

I'll pore over your content and deliver thoughtful, strategic feedback to help punch up your voice + personality, clear up any clutter or confusion, and make sure your potential clients know exactly what to do next.

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Get expert eyes on your website copy, email sequences, or previous launch copy, so you can elevate your messaging, dial in your brand voice, and speak directly & effectively to your ideal clients.

Emails for cult thought leaders.

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