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Naked Launch

Let me nerd out on your messaging + offer promise, build a data-driven (but not burnout-y) email strategy, troubleshoot your mid-launch freakouts, and write beautiful, revenue-generating copy—so you can have the most bangin' 5-figure launch that's ever banged.

If you offer group coaching, teach an online course, lead  a mastermind or membership community, or teach a group workshop. . .


Launch cycles are the revenue-generating touchstones of your marketing strategy. They're also stressful, thrilling, and exhausting, all ecstatic highs and despondent lows.

For a do-everything-yourself entrepreneur, this can be... well, a lot.


Most of the time, my clients come to me after completing one or two fully DIY'd launches, with a Frankenstein patchwork of awkward webinar templates, sales-y sales pitches that they actively hate, emails that were rushed and a bit haphazard, and a face that looks like this:


Contrary to what the shiny happy online marketing experts would have you believe, a 6- or 7-figure launch is not any better or more successful than a 5-figure launch.


But it IS different.


I've worked behind the scenes in 6- and 7-figure launches, and I've worked on 5-figure launches ($10k-$65k). And while I certainly have a few cool tricks up my sleeve from my time in the rose gold universe of front-row Beyoncé tickets; bikini shots, and overly staged "lifestyle" posts...


I also know that everything about your business is different, from the people you serve, to the reason you care so damn much, to what "success" looks like.


Cult of Personality
Naked Launch

End-to-end copywriting + strategy support (and the occasional on-the-fly pivot/freakout) for the duration of your launch.

The Naked Launch: Strategy + Planning

A clear, repeatable, structure you can use to execute a bangin' 5-figure launch, and continue to build on for future launches

  • Every launch starts with this part, whether we've worked together or not.
  • Get in touch here (or click any of the big red buttons on this page) and we'll schedule an introductory meeting.
  • At least 3 weeks BEFORE your launch date (preferably 4-6 weeks), we'll have a 2-hour, recorded Kickoff call where we'll review your offer, audience, brand positioning, and previous launch experience + assets, and discuss the broad strokes of your launch schedule. You'll receive the call recording and transcript within 24 hours.
  • If we *haven't* worked together before, this phase will also include market research, positioning strategy, and more of a deep dive into your brand personality and target audience.
  • If we *have* worked together before, we'll build on that foundation to add a few fun new elements to your launch—like pre-launch events or challenges; rethinking or adding a fast-action bonus; bringing in an affiliate or two; etc.
  • I'll build out a detailed launch / content plan using a spreadsheet, Google Doc, Asana project, or whatever you prefer, including dates & times of any live events, open & close cart dates, relevant links and resources, email segmentation and timing, and more.
  • This also includes a rough calendar so we know which assets need to be created in what order, and by when.
  • You'll also receive a Social Media Plan that tells you what to post about each week leading up to, during, and immediately after your live launch.
  • At the end of this phase (ideally at least 2 weeks before your first email needs to go out) you'll have a clear, repeatable launch structure. At this point, you can take what we've done and DIY the rest, or keep me around to write the copy & provide additional support (see below).

Strategy + Planning Investment: $3,000 USD
does not include copywriting or live launch support
installment option available

The Naked Launch: Put some clothes on!

Brilliant, *revenue-generating* email copy, punched-up social media captions, advice on webinar sales pitches, and real-time support throughout the entirety of your live launch

  • Once your Strategy + Plan are completed, we'll have a clear scope set out for any copywriting work you'd like me to do.
  • I will all the copy in beautifully laid out Google Docs. You and/or your team will be responsible for staging, scheduling, and publishing in the appropriate platforms.
  • To keep costs manageable, I usually won't write social media captions or webinar scripts from scratch. Instead, I'll give you all the guidance you need to get started, and then give your final draft a zhuze (we call that "Samifying").
  • We'll have as many calls as we need to talk through and/or clarify the things you haven't figured out yet: what to offer as a bonus; whether or not to do an Instagram Live as part of your promotion; upsells & downsells; etc.
  • Once your launch kicks off, we'll have regular check-ins to make sure everything is working as intended. This is when we might need to course correct; update some of the pitch language; or shift our messaging in response to audience feedback.
  • When your launch wraps, we'll have a debrief call where we discuss what went well and what we might like to add or do differently next time.

Put some clothes on! Copywriting + end-to-end support: starts at $5,500 USD*
*includes everything in the Strategy + Planning phase
*scope will be determined during the Strategy + Planning phase
installment option available

Hi,I’m Sam.

Sam Highly Sensitive

I'm a Positioning Strategist & Copywriter who creates powerful brand personalities and compelling marketing copy for founders, visionaries, service providers, and activists.

I'm known for my ability to truly capture my clients' voice and craft messaging that makes THEIR clients feel seen, safe, and excited AF to get to work.

My clients include a few high-profile thought leaders (👀), ethical ecommerce companies, intersectional therapists, and the company that makes those RBG action figures.

One time I worked up some brand messaging, product descriptions, and website copy for an inclusive athleisure company... and we ended up on Oprah’s Favorite Things!!

Since 2015, I've worked on tons of launches, from my own little $5k affairs to one or two actual million-dollar campaigns—which were only *partly* because of my strategy and copy work, but sure, I'll take that credit. 😉

In that time, I've worked with with SO many different messaging strategies, platforms, and personalities... and I've written more emails and landing pages than I can count.

After playing in the cool kids' rose-gold sandbox for several years, I stepped away from large-scale B2B launches to help smaller, more specialized businesses—woodworking educators, pet photographers, artists, authors, therapists, CPAs, etc.—clarify their brand positioning and own their badassery—so they can reach and impact the people they're here to serve.


Anika Gandhi, Woodworking Educator

During Anika's inaugural launch of her program, The Fearless Woodworker, we had a goal of 32 enrollments—but on her first webinar, only 2 people signed up. After some evaluating, copy adjustments, and tweaks to her webinar presentation, she was able to course correct, and eventually hit her goal!

The Naked Launch™ is for you if. . .

  • You have a well-established brand and a healthy bottom line. 
  • You have, or can get, 5-10 customer case studies and/or testimonials that speak to your track record helping your clients.
  • Your revenue goal for this launch is at least $10,000. And that goal is based on, you know, math (not just a random number).
  • You have an engaged email list. It doesn't matter how large or small your list is as long as they're opening your emails and clicking your links. (It's not the size of the boat; it's the motion of the ocean. Hey-yo! 😜)
  • You've been tracking your email metrics & subscriber behavior. You don't have to be the god of email segmentation, but it's best if you've been tracking & tagging certain actions (don't get hung up on this, though). You should also be able to access data like average open & click-through rates; unsubscribes; etc.
  • You have some experience conceptualizing and/or building a funnel.
  • You have existing assets we could use (or tweak) for bonuses, opt-ins, etc.
  • You've hosted a live event, like a masterclass, webinar, open house, or workshop. It's okay if you feel 'meh' about how it performed; I just want to make sure you're comfortable with the tech.
  • You've had your business for at least 2-3 years, and you know your ideal client really, really well.

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