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I'm revamping all my services! It's taking forever! Here's a sneak preview!

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Ecommerce "starter pack," including brand development, creative direction, product descriptions, your story & bios, and some other fun bits

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Full service website copy including creative direction, messaging strategy, and copy 🙂

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LAUNCHES! Messaging strategy + creative direction, email marketing strategy, plan, schedule + copy

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Emails for all the other non-launch things: eCom flows, nurture sequences, challenges, etc.

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Cult of Personality Indoctrination Sequence

Let your followers know exactly what they just signed up for

There are few moments in Internet life when a reader’s attention is focused solely on YOU — and the moment they join your email list is one of them. Show them they were right to trust you with their contact info, by returning the favor with a series of brilliantly crafted stories, inspiring ideas, and a generous-AF sampling of what they might learn from you if they stick around.

For you if:

  • Beaucoup people are  joining your list through Instagram (or some other medium), because they’re inspired by what you’re up to. You need to capitalize on that excitement while it’s hot—and your current welcome sequence is boring and flat (and/or nonexistent). 
  • You’ve been trying to (re)create your free opt-in for about a century, and it’s just not coming together. *I have the perfect solution for this!*
  • You’re breaking into a different target audience, embarking on a big list-building mission, introducing a new service offering etc. You need to tweak your “getting to know you” content so it feels consistent with your updated branding.
  • Your existing welcome sequence is a) more than 2 years old, b) built from a Digital Marketer template, or c) just an extended sales pitch (that isn’t performing all that well). You’ve always planned to revisit it when you have the time… but you know, you never do. 
  • Your understanding of what a welcome sequence “should” do (sell something) is at odds with what you want to do, and what you know will be effective for your audience. You need a fresh approach. *Waves frantically*
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Cult of Personality Monster of the Week

Weekly nurture emails that keep your reader coming back for more

First, I’ll obsess over your readers, pinpointing what they need to hear from you (and how, and why). Then I’ll whip out my proprietary methodology (oh behave!) to design a 12-month content plan. After that, all you have to do is talk. I’ll take your brilliant-yet-rambling diatribes and craft weekly emails that get cracked open and devoured on the spot.

For you if:

  • Your business has grown exponentially, and the time you used to be able to devote to content creation needs to be redistributed elsewhere.
  • You’ve got a big ol’ email list, and you know you need to “monetize” them… but you ALSO know that the best way to do that is through regular, non-sales content that’s interesting and valuable and enjoyable to read.
  • You can’t deal with all that WRITING, man. You’d love to be able to fire off a voice memo like a fancy power-suit lady, and move on with your life. *omg, that’s exactly how this service works! Power suit not included.*
  • You have a potentially controversial point of view, and you need help striking the right balance of rabble-rousing without being alienating.
  • You have trouble synthesizing your (complicated, prolific, maybe-kinda-woowoo) ideas into coherent, vivid copy that connects with your audience. On their level.
  • What you’re doing is SO groundbreaking / unique / unusual that it’s hard to explain. You need help communicating your value in a way that doesn’t feel abstruse, boring, or vague—and that’s aligned with what your reader cares about most.
  • You’ve recognized a (feminist, social-justice-oriented) shift in your audience’s behaviors and priorities since 2016, and while you’re personally on board, you need help “going there” in a way that still feels on-brand.
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Cult of Personality Damn Fine Copy

A 12-month content plan that keeps the ideas percolating

Based on your readers’ preferences and behaviors, we’ll come up with a perfectly balanced publishing schedule, designed around your brand’s key messages. You’ll never be at a loss for what to say, and your readership will have time to appreciate the subtleties of your unique brew. No more crappy instant copy.

For you if:

  • You used to be all about some regular content creation, but you got out of the flow and can’t seem to pick it back up again. (Hint: you need a plan!)
  • You’re in the process of (or just finishing) a rebrand and your content strategy needs an overhaul, but you aren’t really sure how to do that.
  • You need a super clear strategy for attracting your ideal people and drawing them closer, without being a creep. (Same goes for keeping them engaged once you’ve got ‘em and/or moving them through a funnel.)
  • You think I’m the bees’ knees, but aren’t ready for one of my other options.
  • You have time blocked off for content creation, but you’re wasting most of it either figuring out what to say, or writing a whole long thing you never end up using.

*This option also contains an optional Kool Aid add-on, which is ideal for brands that are less established.

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Cult of Personality Cherry Pie and Copy

Damn Fine Copy plus one, brand-defining piece

In addition to your 12-month content plan, we’ll create a foundational blog post that articulates your brand’s identity and raison d’être with a voice and style so compelling and distinctive, your readers will eat it up and be back for seconds.

For you if:

  • Your existing readers love your informal, from-the-hip content, but you need a super polished, strategic piece you can use at the top of your funnel—and you need to bring in the big guns (me).
  • Your social media manager has been bugging you for some new creative, and the ideas you’ve sent her feel kinda phoned-in (cause they are).
  • You’ve tried creating a “manifesto” or mission statement before (or maybe even hired someone to do it for you), and the results feel flat and cliché. You can’t figure out exactly why, but they don’t seem to capture the hot molten core of your brand.
  • You’re evolving, man, and you can’t run traffic to your old content anymore.
  • You’re considering the Monster of the Week option, but want to see how it goes before making a commitment.
  • You have one of those hard-to-explain brands, and you need a foundational piece of content you can direct readers to.


Emails for cult thought leaders.

(Personality included.)

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(But sometimes, I also like to write about the books I’m reading, or the creative process, or the entrepreneurial experience, or why I hate Steve Jobs, or how I met my BFF. I’ll send you emails like that, too.)

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