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A pillar piece is almost like a manifesto—who you are, what you stand for, and why—but most manifestos are boring, and don’t do a great job of connecting with the reader.

Why do *I* care who you are and what you stand for? What will *I* get in return for the time and attention it will take to read this? 

A strong pillar piece clarifies these elements in a way that doesn’t feel preachy or self-aggrandizing.

It clearly plants your flagpole (heh heh) while making the reader feel more “Thank god somebody’s FINALLY saying these things!” and less “Eh, so what?”

This opens up SO MANY cool options for introducing new readers to your brand. 

  • You can run cold traffic to it from social media ads, and use it as a list-building tool. 
  • You can splinter off little pieces of it to inform ad campaigns and social media content. 
  • You can link to it as a way to keep track of who’s interested in learning more about you (and who’s not, and where they came from). 

How It Works

Cherry Pie and Coffee includes everything in Damn Fine Copy, plus one piece of strategically crafted “pillar” content that will live on either on your website proper, or as an evergreen blog post.

Once we’ve got your 12-month content plan in place, I’ll come up with a few ideas for how to handle the piece. Together we’ll determine the most effective angle to use, the desired outcome(s), and what information I’ll need to extract from your brain. (It doesn’t hurt; I promise.)

The final piece will be around 1,000 words (maybe more; determining the ideal length is one of the things we’ll do before I start writing). 

What Is It?

Everything from ‘Damn Fine Copy’ plus one foundational piece of content to rule them all.

What It Costs: $3997

Emails for cult thought leaders.

(Personality included.)

Want to learn how to craft emails that inspire action and engagement WITHOUT the “tried and true” (cough: patriarchal) norms we’ve all been taught?

I’m doing it, and I can show you how to do it, too.

(But sometimes, I also like to write about the books I’m reading, or the creative process, or the entrepreneurial experience, or why I hate Steve Jobs, or how I met my BFF. I’ll send you emails like that, too.)

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