Kind words about my words

One of the hardest things about building your personal brand is conveying what you do to the right audience. My about page was generic and my skills got lost in the cliches. When you’re so close to the work, there are some things you can’t see. So I hired Sam to be my eyes — to write an about page that encompassed my work and the audience I consistently wanted to attract.

But Sam didn’t just pull text together. She asked the questions most copywriters won’t. And in that discovery phase she got to the nuts & bolts of who I was and why I was doing this work. Sam’s process is specific, yet tailored — which made my about page come together so seamlessly. Sam laid a foundation for my personal brand which led to an increase in my client portfolio. Working with Sam was a dream & I look forward to working with her on future projects!

Natasha Benjamin

Digital Strategist | Communications Educator

Samantha was absolutely perfect. Working under a tight deadline and budget, she was able to craft the precise message I was trying to deliver. Her communication was impeccable, and I knew exactly what she could accomplish before initiating the contract.

I was also quite impressed with her process. Rather than just dive into writing, she began by discussing every detail with me and creating avatars for my ideal customer. We even named them! Ultimately, because of the front-end work, I did not have to ask for a single revision — and that is a testament in and of itself. She nailed it.

Marianne Marquez

Dancing Soles

When she came in as Content Director of my company, Sam took over a disorganized and disjointed mess and turned it into well oiled machine of systems that pumped out awesome content that was hyper relevant to our audience.

She is hands down the best writer I have ever worked with — and I have worked with a LOT.

Ryan Rouse

The Adventure Guys

I’m a gifted cake artist, but when it came to writing my website, I got as far as, “Hi, I’m Melissa Gray,” and then… crickets. Sam spent so much time learning about my business, my competitors, and what makes me different. She was able to create a tone and feeling on my site that perfectly depicts my talent and personality — while still playing nice with the posh wedding crowds I deal with.

When we started, I was running my business from a Facebook page. Now, I’m booked out for the next 18 months, and nearly all my tastings are being booked through my website. I know my 90% close rate has a lot to do with Sam’s copy, because my clients have been primed to say yes.

Bottom line? I love her. I wanna give her #allthecake.

Melissa Gray

Cake Artist, Owner

I was lucky enough to build my business off of referrals early on, which was great…except that it allowed me to bury my head in the sand when it came to building a website. Knowing Sam both personally and professionally, I already expected my site to “turn out well” — which has now become the understatement of the century. I am in LOVE with my website.

My favorite part of working with Sam was her discovery process. I wasn’t sure about it initially, but it turned out to be THE thing that took my website from good to phenomenal. My brand has a very personal story behind it, and at the same time, I’m a lot younger / X-chromosome-y than many of the competitors in my space. I needed to stay true to myself and my purpose, but still resonate with potential clients and get them to trust me.

Sam knocked it out of the park. She crafted my story so beautifully that I felt like she’d lived it herself. I was moved.

Because of the intensity of her planning and discovery process, my first draft required nothing but minor edits. Days after receiving that first draft, we were completely done.

Now, several weeks after launch, the proof is in the reactions. I’ve gotten so many calls, texts, and emails from friends and colleagues telling me how much they loved my website, how beautiful my story was, and how competent I come across. Sam’s words did that for me, and I’ll be forever grateful. More than that, I’ll be going to Sam for every copy job I need moving forward — there’s no one better.

Dorothy Illson

Digital Media Strategist, Owner
Needle’s Eye Media

I happened to come across Sam’s profile while searching for a freelancer for another project, and I immediately knew we had to hire her to write our Amazon email series. We have a great product, but we were really struggling to get our customers to come back and leave us a review after they’d purchased.

Sam put in a lot of effort to understand our product as well as our ideal customer’s mindset, and she ended up delivering a pitch that’s exactly what we’ve been looking for. If you want to double/ triple your online sales, click through or conversion rates, Samantha is the one you need to be getting in touch with!

Mayank Kandoi

Business Analyst
Webel Labs

I can’t say enough about the job that Samantha just completed. She created incredible content that will help to re-energize my company’s marketing effort. She has a talent and insight that is rare to find these days. I should also mention that she is totally responsive, structured and a terrific communicator. I look forward to working with Sam again.

Katie Bilz

Nutrition Coach, Owner

She is soooooo God! I couldn’t let her go… She already is on my next project. Yes!

Patrick Hull

Angel Investor & CEO
Phull Holdings / HullsSkulls

**Hi. Sam (AKA God) here. That was obviously a typo, but it makes me smile so freakin’ hard, I couldn’t bring myself to change it.

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